Monday, September 27, 2010

Candlelight Ice Cream Social

Last night was magical at church. As we were heading out to Sunday evening service the lights went out. I knew the lights would be out at church since we are on the same block. Last night after service we were going to have a ice cream social. I had crushed Oreo's and got *rainbow sparkles* for the kids to eat. We ended up having a short service in the fellowship hall amongst the candlelight. We sang Amazing Grace, listened to the sermon and then ate ice cream by candlelight and fellowship. I love times like these when we get to socialize with everyone and laugh and carry on. I love my church family very much! Last night the Holy Spirit was with us, shining His love for us around the fellowship hall and letting us fellowship. Funny how the fellowship hall is where you actually fellowship with friends and family. Love it!
This night took my mind off of my troubles and let me know that my *troubles* are nothing compared to some's. Very humbling! Last week I worried over something so dumb and never gave it all to Him and then Friday night I was blessed really well. I have got to stop trying to control things partially and totally give it up to God, because He is one that controls everything and never ever lets you down. Don't you just love that about Him! A best friend that never lets you down and is always with you when you think you are alone in this crazy world. He never said there weren't going to be hard times for you, but He also said He would Never leave you or fore sake you. Oh joy! Do you have Jesus in your heart? You are a new person with Him in your heart, that old person is yesterday's news, you are a new image in His sight!
~Gal Molly

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