Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Missionary's Came to Speak at my Church!

Y'all when I found out last week that a couple that has been in Mexico was coming to my church to speak on Sunday, I went nuts inside. Literally I had to contain myself! I don't know what it is these day but when someone mentions Jesus or they are doing something to honor Him or help someone in His name, I get giddy and sparkly all over and I have had to contain myself from belting out in song or jumping up high or doing some kind of dance.
Ok back to the missionaries, so they mission in Mexico in the "silent circle", very scary. In the "silent circle", almost no one believes in Jesus but in Guadeloupe ( hope I spelled that right not forgive me ). They showed us pictures of the housing and the people, ceremonies and other churches. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, the youth walk in lines in the heart of the city, a boy picks a flower and gives it to a girl, hopefully she accepts, if not the boy I guess finds another girl to give it to. I thought that dating ritual was kind of neat. Anyways, the wife of the missionary couple started a women's bible study about 6 weeks before they moved to a different city. And she is pleased to say that after they have come back to states, the women of the church write her monthly to let her know it is still being held and how much it is grown, isn't that fabulous! The couple is scheduled to go back to Mexico in early October. I signed us up for their monthly newsletter so we can chat and see what is happening with spreading of the Gospel. The wife wanted to know how to do a blog so I think I am going to email her and help her out. Oh that would be so cool if she got one started and she could get more people to Christ through that blog. AHHHH!!!
OK I'm off to work on some projects and get my craft supplies together for the youth girls, oh how I love them. Also I have extended the sign up date for my swap until Friday at the stroke of midnight! So please email me at to sign up!!
~Gal Molly

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