Monday, September 13, 2010

4 Get saved at the race track, homeless bags and a blessing!

This weekend was full of blessings! On Saturday morning I had my monthly WOM meeting (Women's Outreach Ministry) and we prepared homeless bags. This is a great idea and wonderful for a homeless person to receive than money. We put a New Testament Bible in the bag along with a toboggan, bottled water, trash bag, 2 packs of crackers and 2 cans of Vienna sausages. You could really get crafty about these bags and think of other items a homeless person could use as well, like hand wipes, hand sanitizer, soap, tooth brush and tooth paste, you know just your basic needs. Our bag cost about $6 to make, the most expensive was the bible at a $1.99, this was so much fun and made you really feel blessed for what you have in your life!
After the meeting we had to be back at church for Bash at the Track, for the youth. We went to the racing track and watched monster trucks, bikers and got to see some older model cars, very fun. We got to see Quintin Day, the Holy Roller, monster truck driver, his truck was very cool. We got to hear his testimony and then I got to see some people ask Jesus into their hearts and almost started crying, it was that beautiful. Oh how I love Jesus! He even works at the race track :)
In my WOM group we prepare baskets for people who are shut-in's, who have had surgery or just need a pick me up. I have made some rice sacks that can be heated or cooled and placed on your achy muscles. I learned Sunday through the pastor in service that my rice sacks were a hit and that people have requested more. I felt so blessed that I had made one little difference in someones life through a rice sack. It is the little things that make people the happiest. So I have been asked to hold a craft day for us to make more rice sacks, which I was so giddy about I had to calm myself down before I embarrassed myself, hahah. Then the youth girls want to me host " Craft Time with Molly", isn't that cute! We are going to tie dye t-shirts to wear to the Casting Crowns concert in 3 weeks at our state fair. We are going to put some verse or saying on there and be proud of our faith! I am still bouncing off the walls about the craft times I will be hosting and our bible study that my friend Becky will be hosting on Tuesday evenings, ahhhhh!!! I'm just so excited! Now off to use some of this excitement to help me clean my house!
~Gal Molly
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Fran. said...

Molly I just love the way you share your faith! And the bags for the homeless is so awesome! Actually my blog name is from my love of baglady's. I use to dress up like one for Halloween all the time. Even did a service at church with my husband, where I was the baglady that came in off the street! I tell you it was one of the most spiritual times in my life! I wish we lived closer, so we could talk about the Lord and share more. And by the way I do want to sign up for the Halloween swap. I've been so busy lately, haven't been blogging much. My husbands class of 1980 that gets together all the time, is having a benefit yard/bake sale for one of their classmates and pastor husband who have fallen on hard times! It is amazing how God is working through this group to reachout! It is this Fri. and Sat. I'll be working on Friday. I'll send you an email right now. Peace out, XO Fran.