Thursday, September 9, 2010

Witchy Witch Bead & Witch Ornament Swap!

Greetings, ha! Happy Thursday friends! I wanted to post about my swap idea I have been dreaming about for a couple of days. I have not seen a lot of Halloween swaps out there so I thought I would make my own! Here goes!
You will have one partner ~ Send 40 beads in a halloween color theme with 1 WITCH focal point ~ Make one witch ornament
Thats it!
For the witch focal point you can buy a witch pendant or you can make your own. You could actually buy a small witch and attach a pendant bail to the back, easy peasy! Or you could solder a piece or make your little witch with whatever media you prefer! Just make sure she is wearable!
For the witch ornament, I found some cute little primative witches made out of paper mache and pipe cleaners. Or you could buy a small witch ornament, *witch* ever is best for you. Use your imagination, any media, it just needs to be a witch!
Now I need some information from you my pretties, ha ha!
Name ~ Blog ~ Mailing addy ~ Prefer to ship international ~ Please send me an email at
Send out date is October 10th!
~Gal Molly

Edited: Signups will end on Friday September 17 at the stroke of midnight! Please sign up, it is going to be a really fun swap!

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