Thursday, October 7, 2010

It happens in a blink

Life. It happens in a blink. 30 years ago I was born. 14 years ago we adopted Ronald and Elizabeth. 10 years ago I graduated high school. 6 years ago I met Mike. 5 years ago I married Mike. And yesterday my great aunt Lucille passed away and went to be with Jesus. I know she is rejoicing with Him and she got to see my granny (partly jealous of her).
Life happens, I get that. It goes by so quick, I get that too. What I don't get is how I went almost 14 years without seeing her. Yeah, shame on me! My sister told me not to beat myself up about it, but really how did I let that happen. She only lived an hour from me. But life does happen and things get put in front of others. I know she loved me and I loved her. Yes we got the Christmas cards and birthday cards, but its not the same.
For this day forward I pledge to God and myself to spend more time with my family. We are not promised tomorrow, next week, not even this hour. Yes it sounds scary but I'm not scared to meet my best friend Jesus and I would get to see my family waiting for me. Singing sweet praises to God and of love.
Please pray for us as we travel tomorrow for Aunt Lucille's funeral. Thank you!
~Gal Molly

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Fran. said...

You are in my prayers Molly and your family too!! You are such a sweet person. I feel blessed to be getting to know you and call you my friend! Love ya girl. XO Fran.