Sunday, October 24, 2010


Happy Sunday! Happy Haunting! My chickens have nearly eaten my whole pumpkin up. I caught them pecking at it this afternoon, ooohhh I was mad. Speaking of pumpkins, when I was little my mom would carve the best pumpkins around. We would have witches, witches on brooms, the occasional jack-o-lantern and monster faces. Our front porch was the talk of the neighborhood. My grandaddy always stayed behind to hand out candy but when it turned dark, out the porch light went and he went to bed, hahaha. We would always have candy leftover from trick or treaters.

The year my mom carved the witch face onto the pumpkin was the year I was Cleopatra. Oh how I loved that costume! I wore my mom's pale yellow dancing gown and sparkly shoes. We bought Cleopatra jewelry from the coolest party store in town and we found gold garland to wrap around me. Everyday until Halloween, I would come home from school and try my costume on. I kept it in a little red suitcase that said on the front, "Going to grandma and grandpa's". My grandparents gave me that suitcase before we moved in with them a few years before my granny got sick.

Halloween night came and I was super excited to be Cleopatra! Me and my sister got home and immediately raced to our room to get our costumes out. My sister was a clown that year, she wore a rainbow wig, red nose and her most colorful pajama's. We got ready and waited for my mom to get off work. My grandaddy was making dinner and getting the candy ready in the bowl for the trick or treaters. My mom got home, we ate and then she got ready in her costume. We kissed my grandaddy goodbye and were out the door. We met our best friends around the block and started our walk all over the neighborhood.

Happy Haunting!
~Gal Molly

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