Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 3 Ghost Crush

Happy Thursday! I can not believe Halloween is next Sunday and then we have to get ready for Thanksgiving. Time is flying by!
For todays feature I give the tale of the "Ghost with a crush on my dad". True life!
When my parents got married they first lived in a apartment and then moved to a little house, thats where they met "her". My mom had bought a wicker chair that she had put in the living room and loved it. We still had until it got broken a few years ago. My mom started hearing things at night, like someone was sitting in that chair. She would look over and see my dad sleeping so she would get up to go investigate. When she would get to the living room, the noise would stop. She told my dad about it and they just joked it off as the house was settling or something outside.
One day my dad had left for work and my mom was at the house alone. She was in the kitchen and out of the corner of her eye she saw a woman in a white flowing gown. She was startled by her. And then she was gone. She told my dad, but he never really believed her, even to this day he still does not believe it. The ghost would always appear after my dad left a room or the house. And a woman would always see her.
When my dad and mom moved to their log cabin about 30 minutes away from their first house, she followed them there. Numerous sitings of her proved her to be true. After my parents divorced, we lived in the log cabin for a while and then moved in with my grandparents because they were getting old and my mom didn't like being out in the country by ourselves. When my dad would come to visit us or pick us up for the weekend, my mom would see the ghost. My sister even saw her in the hallway about 3 hours after my dad had left our house one day.
We are not sure why she followed my dad or what. We just figured the ghost had a crush on my dad because she would appear after he would leave. Maybe she was marking her territory or something, ha ha. My dad lives about an hour from us now and when we go to his house I sometimes feel like someone is there watching over us. My dad has even mentioned that he hears noises like someone is walking the stairs or his bedroom gets a little chilly. Maybe one day she will reveal herself to him and he will believe us after all, haha.
Happy haunting!
~Gal Molly

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