Monday, November 22, 2010

My babies

See Tinkerbell up there... isn't she beautiful and sweet looking? Well I know she is! I can still smell her from when she was little like that! This was Halloween about 7 years ago... is that even possible... ahhh time flys! Every Friday I go to my mama's beauty shop to sell my eggs and jewelry and get to talk to my mama's old lady clients which I love and they have known me before I was even born, ha ha! Anyways there is a lady that comes named Sis Ray, love her by the way and she is so sweet to me. One Friday I had my sweetie pie dumpling with sugar on top baby Ronald with me and he was sitting on my lap, yes all 5'8 100 and some pounds big baby on my lap. We were laughing together and talking and planning on where we were going for lunch that day. When Sis was leaving she walked up to me and told me how much love she could see and feel that I had for my baby siblings. It made my heart melt that someone else saw how much I loved my little babies.
I know always talk about my sweeties but they are my life and I have a mama's love for them. I would not know what I would do without them, they are that much of life and my heart. My heart aches for them everyday! We talk daily and joke on facebook and when I find old pictures, sometimes I cry and think of them as babies and wish they were still babies. But I know they have to grow up, I know this! I also know how much we have had since they have gotten older too. I taught Ronald how to drive this summer in abandoned parking lots and he went with me to my favorite bead shop and helped me pick out pretty sparkly beads. Elizabeth had to go to year round school so we didn't have much a summer together but we did have fun at the bus stops and watching movies together.
I know it gets old me talking about my loveys but I love them so much I want the whole world to know! They are my light and my world and they have my heart! I would do anything for them and they know it! Family is everything and it should be cherished!
~Gal Molly
P.S I have some exciting news to tell you about tomorrow!


Little Messy Missy said...

I love having someone to LOVE!!!!

Fran. said...

Hey there Molly!! Have you found the package yet? I am still looking to see if I got a delivery confirmation. It's not where I normally put the receipts! Still kinda in a mess re-doing the room! Tomorrow I will have more time to look! I'm bummed! I so wanted to know how you liked the Witch I designed for you!! And by the way I love your love story of your family and Molly you always love straight from your heart girl!!! XO Fran.