Tuesday, November 23, 2010


10 Things I am Thankful for this Thanksgiving
1. My sweetie pie Mike
2. Jesus!
3. Ronald and Elizabeth
4. My Mama
5. My jewelry business
6. My dad, step mom, step brother and sister Miranda
7. My church family
8. My chickens
9. My dogs... Gypsy, Savannah and Lottie Moon
10. Our vending business
Now I am off to finish up a couple of custom orders and then gathering my pie ingredients. I hope everyone of you has a fabulous Thanksgiving and is very thankful for God has given you, I know I am!
Oh and the exciting news is... I donated some items to be sold for water 4 Christmas, which will start December 5 and go through the 12! This is something that is dear to my heart so I hope you will do a little shopping if not my things but someone else's. Oh and next week I will be taking my little children's ministry to the nursing home and there are 86 residents and I was getting a little nervous on how I was going to fill the bags with goodies. My good friend at church gave me 86 pairs of socks to put in the bags with my other things I have yet to get. I was so overjoyed!!! The Lord always provides!!!
~Gal Molly

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Fran. said...

Oh Molly how right you are about God providing!! I always worry and then just when I don't think it's gonna happen He does it for me!! So amazing!! Sometimes it's not just money it items like the socks!!! and more!! I love the excitement I hear in your voice!! XO Fran.