Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Christmas

Elizabeth at the beauty shop in the break room!
Happy Christmas! Oh mine was fabulous! Filled with yummy food, sweets, gifts, 9 inches of snow, my sweet little husband, my mama, Ronald and Elizabeth and Jesus! On Saturday night we got 9 inches of snow and we are just getting out today, yes when it snows the south shuts down, ha ha. Love it!
I made some cookie and fudge tins for my neighbors and delivered them in the snow, it made me feel old fashioned. I know I'm nerdy like that! I have been listening to Christmas music on my phone because I am still saddened that it is off the radio.
On Friday me and Mike are going to our first adult New Years Eve party ever! My dad asked who the designated driver was and I had to inform him that first we don't drink and this was my friend from church who also doesn't drink. I am really excited because I am bringing a yummy salsa dip and some chicken salad sandwiches. And I am working on my sparkly outfit because you can't ring in the new year without sparkles!
Ronald went shopping with me on Christmas eve and he helped a lot! I thought for sure I was going to freak out in the Walmart because I could not find anything I was looking for. But my sweetie pie found it! And he found me some great bargains. When he gets married he will be a great "shopping" husband, he he! We had chocolate dipped cookies for breakfast and McDonald's for lunch, we were really healthy that day.
Mike got me this cool olive green bunchy scarf and I found him a mini gumball candy dispenser. We don't really do extravagant gifts for each other because we buy for each other throughout the year and plus we like to help others out during this time of year!
This week I will be showcasing some new items for the new year! So stay tuned!
~Gal Molly

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