Monday, December 20, 2010

Old Christmas

This little picture is of my granny's old angels playing instruments and holding gifts

This picture brings back memories of old Christmas's past. When I was little my granny would place these little angels on her mantle above her very old creche' that we still have today! I can remember her making a grand meal on Christmas day and opening presents. I can remember all of her crocheted ornaments and her sequined ornaments hanging and glittering on the tree. When I walk past these little angels I get a whiff of her perfume in the air. She is here with us enjoying Christmas!

I am off to make more orders and make some gifts for the little girls at my church, they love all my designs. Also I saw a sweet little woodpecker this morning, went to get my camera and it was gone. He or she had a black bottom that gradually turned white and a red Mohawk. He was sweet!

~Gal Molly

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