Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vintage Burnt Rosette Pins/Clips

Happy Thursday! We woke up to snow and freezing rain this morning, hopefully if the forecast is right it will turn into just rain in a couple of hours. Also I have listed one of my other best sellers in the shop, my vintage burnt rosette pins or clips. I use vintage tulle, tissue lame' and silk to make these pretties! You can choose whether you want a pin back or alligator clip to wear in your hair to fun Christmas party you will be attending. I can make these in any color combo you like! My sweet client Joyce ordered a Duke blue pin and I had so much fun playing with different blues, white and black to mix them up. You can purchase one here at the sweet price of $12! And also to sweeten the deal I will be offering free shipping on all orders of 2 or more items, from now until Christmas eve! I will refund you back through paypal! Again thank you to all that have ordered so far, you really made my day yesterday!
~Gal Molly