Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weathering the Storm... Literally

Goldie survived the storm of the century last night huddled with her husband Scotty and Gypsy and Savannah in the dog house on the back porch. The Wind was wild!
Midge, Millie, Madge and King taking their morning bath in the clay puddle by my house. Ella slept by their coop all night weathering the storm. Ella is a fabulous mama! If you look real close to corner of my house and see the puddle of clay... yes that is their favorite place to be after it rains. They waller all in it and get muddy and then shake it off and flap their wings and quack for bread. Can life get any better than that my friends?

Rose has a mohawk and she loves it! She is the first one to take her bath in the morning and is quite ornery if she doesn't get to the kiddie pool first. Monday morning there was ice in the pool, she jumped right in, broke up the ice and bathed and jumped right out. She is the old lady of the group. Rose is my sweetie pie! Don't you just love that mohawk though?

Here are the 'chicken mcnuggets' as Mike has named the baby Silkies. Lady and June are in the front ( the white and gold ones ), and Little Black Sambo is right behind June. They weathered the storm quite well. They live with Christmas, Clementine, Cape, Charles and Steve. We had to put a fence up so they could be separated while they get adjusted to each other. Although Little Black Sambo taught herself how to squeeze through the fence, she will be our 'rowdy' hen.

This morning around 8:30 there was still black clouds to be found. It all started about 10 o'clock last night and didn't finish until about 7. All night there was tornado watches, howling wind and squalls. I thought for surely a tree was coming down a few times during the night.

Another view of the scary clouds in December!

These trees are right by our house and they swayed wildly last night. All day yesterday the wind was gusty and brought leaves and pine needles all around. A few trees have broken after storms and I just know one will break and come toppling over us.

Doesn't she look eery. If anyone knows me, they know I am horrified of any kind of bad weather. I was so antsy last night that I got on the floor face down and prayed that God would keep us safe and my other family members safe that are scattered around NC. I prayed for about 10 minutes. Lying there on the floor humbling myself before Him. My anxiety went away and I felt so calm getting up off the floor. I have been taking Beth Moores Stepping Up bible study and she made a great point about praying face down on the floor, humbling yourself before Him and giving every to Him. All your worries, cares, problems...everything. So last night I gave Him everything and let Him be my shelter from the storm.
God is good and He is always good to me even in bad times. I praise His name constantly, because I am nothing without Him!
~Gal Molly


Shannon said...

Hey There! I saw a BEAUTIFUL matchbox that you made with a shell on it for someone in our swap. But I can't remember who! Anyway, I wanted to tell you how much I love it! I am a LOVER of the ocean and would love to have gotten one of your matchboxes! I know that I did not, because I am not mature enough to wait and open one matchbox a day! I am like a little tiny child! Oh Well! I am okay with that! :) I did get beautiful matchboxes that I just love, so I am very blessed! I am SO SO SO SO glad all of your animals are okay! Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the swap! Shannon :)

Orba said...

Great blog. Im very curious over your chicken pen in the photo. How did you devise it and how does the door work? I notice you have a baby gate there.
Thank you so much

Miss G said...

Thanks for your comment, Molly! Good morning! Hope you have a great day! Kelly