Monday, December 6, 2010


Saturday me and my husband took 4 children and 1 mama with us to hand out 86 bags to the assisted living residents. I.Was.Humbled.
These sweet precious souls were so thankful to have us bring them a bag of goodies to them. It was like the Operation Christmas Child organization. I watch the video every year and I cry, so humbled by their excitement over a tiny shoebox filled with love.
These sweet people loved their bags! Some danced for joy, some laughed, some sang "Santa Claus is coming to town and some cried! That broke my heart! Their tears of joy and sadness filled my heart with joy and sadness. It made me want to do more!
On Saturday we met a teacher, a WWII veteran, a woman who lost her 2 oldest children to a car wreck, a man that has never met his grandson because his family doesn't come to see him and a pianist.
We met REAL people, people that have souls, people that just want to be loved and taken time with. A few weeks ago I had to the privilege of going to a tea party where there was a missionary speaking and telling of her travels and stories of people coming to Christ. In her closing, she said that God had laid it on her heart that these people we don't know, people we are scared of, people we are hurtful to... these people have souls, these people just want to live ordinary good lives, these people Jesus loves and we need to get the gospel to them. These people I met Saturday have souls, they have laughter and they need to know that people love them.
I want to be that person that loves souls! It is humbling when you experience a person that has no one but a small room of memories to look at.
Lets love souls and let God shine through us!
~Gal Molly

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Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Oh Molly, you are going to heaven sweetheart! It is very humbling to see these souls and all they want is someone to visit with...I could stay at a place like that 24/7 if I didn't have to work...I just love them so.
You made my heart smile today :)))
Merry Christmas!!!!