Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Gal Molly Wore Wednesday!

Hello friends! I am joining all the other fabulous ladies in the Pleated Poppies ' What I wore Wednesday'. Let me warn you it gets real glamorous down here on the chicken farm! And yes I need color real bad but I am loving my ghetto fabulous haircut my mama gave me. It is a angled bob and I am in loveeee!
Wow! Here is my wardrobe, Hanes sweat shirt, jeans from Target and my flowery pin I made and my necklace I made. Oh yes I will be offering clay and rhinestone pendants next week to go with the fabulous clay and rhinestone earrings. Purdy!

Just to warn you I like taking pictures where I make funny faces so I added these to your viewing pleasure. There is never and I mean never a picture where I am not making some sort of a funny face.
I know Mike will love this one! He he!

And this would be my reaction if I get really famous through this here blog, he he! Just kidding!
Ok so next week I promise I will have better fashions to show, I promise I don't wear sweat shirts and jeans all the time ;)
Now I'm off to study for my lesson for the kids at church and check for more eggs. Maybe next week I will get a picture of me in action on the farm and sporting my farm gear!
~Gal Molly

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