Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Someone's getting braces today!

"Wonald" is getting braces as we speak! I cannot wait to see him Friday and get a picture of his new braces!! He is so excited too! All over facebook he kept saying "I'm getting braces in 2 days". Oh I love him! Anyways he's getting braces and I will share photos Friday afternoon.
So do you like my new blog design? I do! And I did it all by myself! I just played around with the settings and presto, there you have it! I will be sharing some new items getting listed into the shop later today and thinking about linking up with The Pleated Poppies 'What I Wore Wednesday'. I think it would be kinda of fun to share my outfits and let you guys see a little bit of me, ha ha. I know kinda cheesy!
Off to crate some eggs and check on the chickens. Oh and we are getting some baby ducks either tomorrow or Friday. Mike traded our 8 roosters, yes I said 8 and they are mean let me tell ya, to an older gentleman who raises ducks. I am very excited! Now we are getting chick fever and will probably be getting some new chicks in the next month. Also we are going to get some goats so we can use their milk in soaps that I will be debuting soon!
This year has brought us some great blessings and I can only thank God for all of them because we certainly don't deserve them, but I know my God loves me more I know and I am so thankful!!
~Gal Molly

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Fran. said...

SO ok so your chickens do lay eggs! That's really cool! Do you sell them? Up here in Mich alot of people like to buy the brown eggs from people who raise the chickens. I guess you are a farm girl, ducks, chickens and etc. What a lucky lady you are to live by God's beautiful nature! We aren't zoned to have chickens on my street but right up at the stop sign on the bigger road they can have them. There is a horse farm up there too. XO Take care, Fran.