Monday, January 10, 2011

The best chats in life are secret ones!

It all started about 11:14 AM with "hey I'm at school on mi laptop"
from Ronald.
I was in heaven :) I got a secret google chat message from my sweet baby brother who was supposed to be learning something in class!
Here is our convo:
Me: Hey shuggy are you ready for the snow tonight? Love you!!
Ronald: Yep but this class is so boring
Me: what? ha ha!
Me: will you get in trouble for talking to me?
Ronald: idrc ( I don't really care) they can shut up!
Me: Haha! Ronald! Don't talk like that! I miss you :(
Ronald: idrc, ha ha
Me: I get my new phone Friday when do you get yours?
Ronald: Lucky! Probably same time.
Me: So you can help me hook it up right?
Ronald: hopefully
Me: what class are you in?
Ronald: in the coaches class
Ronald: yeah I'm so bored this teacher can not teach what soi evea he dont even no im chattin people
Ronald: hello
Ronald: gtg bye
Me: sorry! Call me later and be nice to your teacher silly :) Love you!
Ronald: don't call me silly
Me: sorry silly :)
Ronald: stop my friends mite see!
Ronald: gtg bye
Me: ok love ya!!

Ok I might see where you think this is boring but I loved every minute talking to him and secretly loved that he was in class breaking the rules and that he picked me to chat with out of all his friends. Like I said me and my Ronald have a special bond like no other :) Gosh I love that baby!

Now I'm tearing up got to go!
~Gal Molly

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