Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Old School Molly

You want to see what I looked like and what I did back in high school? Well here ya go! This first picture is of me and my friend Jamie, this was taken outside on a windy day. Hahahahah my hair and my glasses!
Here are my friends in the back of my hatchback, I had a Geo Metro which was purple, my favorite color. My mom bought it for me brand new, I was so happy!!

Here we are in the parking lot of my high school making faces for the camera. That is Cristin, me and my sister Miranda.

hahahhah! Look at my expression! I do love my red hair!

Here we are in the school office buying year books!

Me and my friend Dottie on seniors day!

Pajama day! Why did I wear that to school, hahahha!

Cristin, me and Jamie in between classes.

In the parking lot before school started and apparently I was loving some root beer for breakfast.

At Cristin's house dancing to some song, hahahha! Obviously we knew all the moves, probably some NSYNC or BackStreet Boys song!

Me, Jamie and Cristin riding the kiddie rides in front of the ghetto K-Mart! Never my wildest dreams did I ever think I would own kiddie rides and make money from them.

Halloween 1998, hhahahah! My hair!

Me singing "You Don't Really Want To Hurt Me" by the Culture Club in Jamie's room.
This made my day when my friend Cristin posted these pictures on facebook. See you guys tomorrow with WIWW!
~Gal Molly

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