Monday, April 18, 2011

Pop of sunshine

I love how God brings in 'sunshine' when you are feeling blue. I found this picture on a blog that is documenting restoration in my hometown. You see that beautiful lady standing there so elegantly, that's my granny on the groundbreaking day of the education building of my home church, Calvary United Methodist! When I scrolled down and saw her I lost my breath! My afternoon immediately brightened up when I saw her smile! This blog also mentioned my granddaddy's drug store, Kale Drug. Isn't it funny how God can show His love for you in the most mundane ways? I know He was looking down and thinking 'how can I make Molly's day since she is going through some trials?'. Ok maybe He didn't say that, ha ha, but He did send this picture my way to make my Monday happier after hearing not so good news from my dad. So I leave you with a 'real beauty' to look at who knew how to dress and act like a lady and loved God so much it showed not only her actions but her smile! ~Gal Molly P.S I believe that is my granddaddy 4th man on the left ;)

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cmrpaul said...

That is awesome! And I'm sure that's exactly what He said:) I love old photos with a story and this is a great one!