Friday, May 27, 2011

On My Heart

Last summer during vacation bible school God placed it on my heart to start a children's bible study on Sunday nights. At first I was thinking, "are you sure about this God?". Needless to say that yes He was sure. Me and Mike have loved every single bible study and have gotten so close with the children. We have had movie party's, hosted a Sweet Heart dinner for our seniors at church and various other outreach activities. Our goal was show the children what ministry is like, what it means to outreach and to help others, spread the gospel and just love one another.
What I didn't know I was going to find out is how so many of these children I have begun to teach and love, come from a broken home, parents that don't care and lost loved ones. My heart breaks into a million pieces every single time I hear them talk about it. I just want to scoop them up and take them home and love them and show them how a family is supposed to be. My family is beyond prefect but there is so much love in it.
I have two new children that have joined my bible study and the children's choir. The sister had only been coming to choir and bible study and then her brother came Wednesday night to choir. I knew of their family from a lady that I have been cleaning her house for her since she can't physically do it anymore and she had told me about their situation. (More on that later) We have been learning fathers day songs and I could tell something was up when the little boy was shying away from singing. When choir was over I took all the children outside to play. The brother stayed close to me. He looked up at me and told me his father was out of town and that he was never coming back. I literally had to hold myself together. How could a father leave this brother and sister, they so cute and loving. I know the brother has some kind of learning disability but really I hope the father would not leave because of that. No pun intended but he acted a lot like Forrest Gump. He told me all the presidents, how Abraham Lincoln was killed, who killed him and how the killer knew that president Taft was not going to be with Lincoln. The boy was smart!
When he left I made sure I gave him a huge hug for being so brave for coming to children's choir and singing beautifully.
I have always wondered why God gave me a heart for children. Why do I love them so much? Why do I want to teach them? Guide them? Help them? Be their friend and get down on their level? Why?
Because there are children out there that no one cares about. That have been pushed to the wayside, been looked over. Those are the kids I get and love. Those are the ones God has sent me to love and teach. I get them. Funny how God puts you where He needs you and not where you think you should be.
So that's whats on my heart, my children I teach on Wednesday and Sunday nights. I would not trade this for anything. They are my heart and my light!
~Gal Molly
P.S Have you heard Royal Tailor? This song is the bomb! And Yes! He does hold you together all the time!

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CaseyWiegand said...

this is completely BEAUTIFUL, so glad you are being such a light for those sweet kiddos!