Thursday, May 22, 2008

Finally Healing

It has been over a month that I had to have emergency surgery. On April 17 2008 I suddenly began to feel ill, I thought I had the flu or a stomach virus. So as the day went on I kept going to the bathroom and you would think that you would feel better but I didn't, I kept feeling worse. When my husband came home I sent him to the drugstore to get me some medicine but it didn't make me feel better. At 9:30 that evening we decided to go to the emergency room, where I would stay until about 12:00 the next afternoon. After having numerous doses of morphine and what the emergency room calls a "GI Cocktail" (which felt great) and two CT scans the surgeon came in and told us I had appendicitis. He didn't know whether it had ruptured or not until I went into surgery. Well of course my appendix ruptured and my stomach was full of infection. He had to wash my stomach out and make sure there was no infection still there. After I awoke from surgery I stayed in the hospital for seven days because I was on heavy doses of antibiotic's and they had to sure I was infection free. I came home on Wednesday of the following week. My husband had to learn how to dress my incision which freaked me out because I hate blood and anything to do with injuries. When I was home I noticed I still had some infection left because I was fatigued and sick feeling. My doctor gave me a prescription and up until last week which was a month after surgery I finally gained my strength and health back. I can now walk around without feeling like I am going to pass out. So if you feel like you have a stomach virus and it doesn't go away but gets worse go to the emergency room just to be on the safe side. I could have died if my husband had not made me go because I was determined that I was not going to the emergency room and I was going to beat this. My doctor said that he had never seen someones appendix rupture that fast within 24 hours and I was very lucky to have gotten to him when I did. Ok so take care of yourselves .
Until I blog again- Gal Molly

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