Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rants and raves

OK so normally I am not like this but this week has not started off on the right foot. As you all know me and my husband own a vending and amusement company. That means we make our money by people putting in quarters, dimes, nickels and bills into our machines. So that means we sometimes use the money to buy product or gas in our truck and what not. So let me get to the point of this soapbox. Yesterday I go into Sam's Club to purchase two item's and I have my money bag with me so I decide to use the rolled quarters to buy my TWO items right. The cashier looks at me like I am crazy when I hand her ten dollars in quarters ,that I need to remind you are already rolled. She proceeds to tell me that she cannot accept them, well I return with "it's money and it spends the same as bills, debit and credit cards or checks". Now it's not like I don't spend five hundred dollars there a week in product. So anyways back to the cashier, she is still refusing to take my rolled quarters, so I ask to speak to the manager. Here walks this woman up to the cashier asking "what's the problem?". I intend to tell her my story and then the cashier chimes in with her story like it is some big scandal that I wanted to pay in ROLLED QUARTERS. So the manager proceeds to tell me that they can take the quarters this time only. Well at this point I am ticked, not only at the fact that I have waited for about fifteen minutes to check out but now I am being asked by "onlookers" if my business is profitable and how in the world do I pay my bills by making money from gumball and vending machines. Well I pay and leave and vow never to pay in quarters again, NOT. So to all you people that think gumballs and vending machines are not profitable your way way wrong. These machines have provided me and my husband a wonderful life and we continue to successfully grow our business because we love what we do and provide a fabulous service to all of our clients. On another note people please take a stand with me and pay with QUARTERS.

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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hautemommy said...

Oh my gosh!!! What the heck, are quarters not money????!!!! I pay in change whenever I can because then I spend less money haha!!! Quarters are my best friends! :) xo!