Tuesday, October 7, 2008

3 years

It is hard to believe that 3 years ago tomorrow I was preparing to marry the love of my life. Everything had been prepared, bought, decorated and lit up.....we waited until the day before to get our marriage certificate.

It all started 4 years ago when I met Mike online ( I know crazy right?). I was in a Christian chat room talking about a bible study and saw his screen name appear on the list, PearceBrothers. So I went and clicked on his profile to check him out. I went down the list and saw that he owned his own business (now I know what you all are thinking and NO I am not a gold digger, but every other guy that I had been out with seemed to either get fired from his job or switched careers and I wanted someone who had a steady job and wanted to get married). So anyways I messaged him and he took a really long time to answer back so I thought OK he doesn't want to talk and as I was getting ready to shut off my computer he messaged back. We talked for 2 weeks online and then decided to take the plunge and talk on the phone (yeah we are crazy like that HAHAHA). After staying up to all hours of the night for week, we decided to meet. We were supposed to meet on a Saturday but I canceled and we met on Sunday. As he pulled up and got out of his truck I knew when I saw his bald head and smiling face that I was going to be with him forever. My little brother looked out the window and said "Molly he's bald and short" HAHAHA, I love you Ronald. That night we went to Kanki and saw the movie 13 going on 30. I was so nervous I barely talked, he kept asking if I was having a good time and I thought "Oh gees Molly start talking or he's going to think that your not interested". When he took me home I thanked him for a lovely date and immediately called him to let him know that I had a wonderful time and wanted to see him again.

We have been together every day since our first date.

So we started dating in May of 2004 and by August we were talking about getting married. Now at this time Mike still had his vending business but had to work a full time job during the day. I was still working with my mom at her salon. Mike decided the month before we were to get married that he might buy the route at FEDEX that his friend was selling so he did and that's how we started our long journey on that road but that is a whole different post in itself. Well we started looking at rings and dresses and cakes and all the things that pertain to a wedding. Well one night we were at the mall and every ring that we looked at was not what I had pictured. So my friend that owns a slue of pawn shops found out I was getting married and offered to make my ring at his cost. So me and Mike went to his shop and he had laid out two diamonds for me to look at. One was a 2 carat yellow pear shape and the other was a 1.50 carat clear pear shape. Well I knew I wanted Amethyst bands so I picked the clear diamond. Within a week it was ready. We literally walked out of there paying about $10,000 less than what we had seen in the mall stores. My diamond came from Wilmington so that all ties into how Mike and I love that place and how he almost moved back there before we met. ( He had lived there for 2 years before coming back to take care of his dad).Mike wanted a ring that was two toned and had something religious on it. Well it just so happened that he delivered to a jewelry store that made custom jewelry. Well as Mike always does he became friends with the owner and he actually purchased the same wedding band that owner had. It is two toned and has crosses all the way around the band. He also had my two eternity bands custom made for me, because everywhere I went nobody wanted to make my bands for me. So Mike ordered me two Amethyst eternity bands and it just so happens that my bands were being made in Louisiana and they almost didn't make it before the wedding thanks to hurricane Katrina.

Mike has always been a church going man and when we started dating he began coming to my church, well the day he decides he is going to join and then announce that we are getting married I had to watch the babies in the nursery. So when all the babies were getting picked up by their parents everyone kept saying congratulations and I was like thanks, OK. I didn't realize what Mike had done. So my good friend Carolyn came down and said "Molly you better get up there with Mike", I was thinking what in the world has happened, so I rush to the sanctuary and there is Mike standing at the front and everyone has come up to congratulate him and me on our engagement. But that's my Mikey, always doing things when I least expect them.

So anyways a year goes by and we get married on October 8, 2005 at 5:00pm and had a lovely reception. My younger sister was my maid of honor, my other little sister Elizabeth was my junior bride (her dress was a replica of mine), my little brother Ronald was the best man and JW my little step brother was Mike's best man.

In the past 3 years we have had our trials and tribulations. We have lost things, gained things, made crazy amounts of money that nearly killed us (FEDEX) but we never lost our faith in each other or the Lord. Most people would have probably left the other to pursue the greener grass but not us. I can honestly say that I have a awesome man of GOD and someone that has the biggest heart and love for people he loves. My Mike works harder than any other man I know and is always trying to make me happy before himself. I sometimes think to myself whats the catch, is there something that he is hiding or is something going to happen to him to make him go away forever? I can't think like that because God brought us together for a reason and someday we will find out what that reason is.

When my appendix ruptured 6 months ago, Mike stayed with me the whole time I was in the hospital and never left my sight. He cleaned, walked, cried and slept with me those long 7 days in there. When we came home , we had just moved the week before and had not had a chance to unpack everything yet, he put together our bed and then started with the rest of the house. The next 3 months were challenging since i could not work he had to do all the vending routes himself and would often work long hours into the night and then come home to re-dress my incision.

When I look back on the past 3 years, I can honestly say he did it all for me and sometimes I wonder how someone can love me that much to want to be and work so hard for me. I hope that the next 50 or 60 years are just as fun, loving, caring, exciting and faith filled as these 3 were.

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...

Congratulations, you two! A wonderful love story...