Friday, January 23, 2009

OK so my life could be boring....

Me being sneaky on Halloween way back in 1986. Oh yeah I was rocking that devils costume and my famous perm.
As I sit here trying to think of mess to write about nothing seems to come to mind and I don't want to be like those bloggers that just forget to post and share goodies about their lives. So I will list of my things to do this weekend instead.

Friday: Bank

Ronald's basket ball game tonight

Saturday: Look for a new pair of jeans because mine seem to haven shrunk in the wash and now look like High Waters when I sit down and I can't be havin that

Help Mike at the shop

Get groceries or I will be forced to eat Ramien noodles that I have stashed if we need food if a storm comes But wait I have to have power to cook the darn things (never thought of that) yeah you really want to stay with me if the power goes out

Sunday: Church

Watch movies and veg out

Yeah theres my fun filled weekend, oh and by the way I think Mike might just give me a Val day present early AKA camera. WHOOT!!!WHOOT!!!!

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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