Friday, January 30, 2009

Prayers needed for the Collins family

As you all know from alot of posts past me and Mike used to own 2 routes at FEDEX Ground and then sold them because of the unfair treatment we received by management and not being paid for stops and boxes and what nots. Anyways while we worked their for two and a half years we made friends with alot of other contractors and their families since they were like us and owned multiple routes alot of wives like me drove for their husbands and they also had other family members working with them as well. Well about two weeks ago we saw Curtis one of the drivers at FEDEX and we got to talking and what not. Well Curtis proceeds to tell us how bad things have gotten there, like bad loads, having to reload your truck every morning and having your contract threaten because you were fighting for your money and wanting your truck loaded correctly. So I told Curtis I would pray for him and the situation there. Well yesterday Mike saw him and found out that they took the contract from Chuck Collins in which Curtis drove for and all of his other five routes. So now Curtis, the Collins family and all the other drivers that he had working for him are now jobless. I can honestly tell you I hate FEDEX Ground and will never ship anything with them again. I know I sound bitter but you do no understand what we and many other drivers went through. I mean how you go to sleep at night knowing you just took a mans LIVELIHOOD from him all because he was fighting for a just cause. You should look up all the lawsuits that are against them for contractors not being paid, bad loads and discrimination. I knew the day I took my little dog up there to wait for Mike and she saw the pencil pusher manager and barked like nobody's business, that she sensed EVIL. I am so glad that we decided to join the lawsuit against these awful people, because you can't treat people like this, it's 2009 for gees sake, you can't get away with this crap. My body will never be the same and it's not because I lifted heavy packages it's from having to reload a friggin truck every morning with my husband for two and a half years because a DRUNK loaded it and the manager didn't want to do anything about it and I don't want to ever hear "it's your load chart', no fool it's you and this company for not wanting to hire proper employees. I am not judging but just because you have a degree on the wall does not make you have COMMON SENSE. I come from a middle class hard working family and when I see unjust somebody needs to be held accountable. So anyways enough about my soapbox I just wanted to let you know where I was coming from, please pray for the Collins family and all his employees that lost their jobs because of a worthy cause and an UNJUST. It is true just like Christians you will be persecuted for believing and fighting for what is right and true.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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