Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do you lick the bowl too?

Do you lick the bowl too after icing the cake, pouring the brownie mix into the pan or making blueberry muffins? Well I do! My love for licking the bowl started back before I was born. My dear sweet granny always made homemade chocolate cake and let my mom lick the beaters and the bowl, so I know I got it honest right? Well when I was little my granny let me lick the bowl and beaters when she was finished icing the cake or after she poured the mix into the round pans to make her famous yellow chocolate cake from scratch. So tonight as I was making brownies, because yes we are expecting snow tonight and I need comfort food, I licked the bowl afterwards and it reminded me of a favorite memory of mine when I was little. One day my kindergarten class took a field trip to my grannies house, yes we walked the whole block to Elizabeth Kale's house. My granny always made my class lunch on occasion and we would walk up there to eat her enormous spread of goodies and play in the back yard. Well on one trip, she made chocolate cake and I never got a piece so I went inside and hid so I would not have to go to back to school. So my granny peeked her head through the door and I will always remember what she said' "Molly I have a piece saved for you in the kitchen, you can have it when you come home from school". Those were some of my happiest days, her picking me up from school, driving to the bank or going on one of her extravagant shopping sprees. So do you lick the bowl of memories or do you wash the bowl when finished? Do tell.

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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