Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My love affair with MEP

In 14 days the LOVE of my LIFE will be turning 32!!! YAY!! Mike!! We usually don't get each other gifts for birthdays, Valentines and any other quirky holiday that is supposed to be celebrated VIA gift. So as I look back on our almost 5 years together, I can see how I am the most luckiest gal in the world to have been chosen by Mike to spend the rest of his life with. For Christmas I wrote him a letter and told him how much I loved him and what he meant to me and what not. He supposed to write me one but he didn't finish it, he says I should receive it on Valentines day. I know Mike and he writes extremely LOOONG letters so I know this will be good. On our first Christmas together we wrote letters to each other and he was still writing his to me on Christmas day! It was a 5 page letter telling me how he had prayed for me for years and that when he saw me for the first time he knew he would ask me to be his wife. I cried the whole day, how did I get so lucky to have met a man that loves me more than life itself. I guess I'm lucky, no God sent him for a reason and I am still trying to figure that one out.

As me and Mike dated and got to know each other, and spent every waking hour together, my love for him deepened. He treated my little brother and sister like they were his own children (and still does), buying them gifts, teaching Ronald how to bowl, learning Sign Language so he could communicate with Elizabeth and joining our church.

After the wedding I went through a sad patch in my life. Don't get me wrong I loved being married to Mike but I had never been out on my own and I missed my little brother and sister. I would be walking through the market and see something that they liked to eat and bust out in tears. With Mike helping me, I soon got out of my funk and started volunteering more at church and having my siblings over for sleep overs.

Me and Mike have always worked together and loved it. When we sold our FedEx route's and made a go with our full time vending it changed our lives. We have never been happier, now we don't make the money we did when were at FedEx but we are truly happier. Mike is a hard worker and has built this business up from nothing. He has been in the vending business since 1996 but had to sell off his equipment when his dad was sick to help pay his hospital bills. This man is a giver and not a receiver, he would rather be starving than to see you starve.

When Mike gave me my engagement ring he told everyone that a lot of gumballs paid for it, which is true because at the time he was still running machines before he went and bought the FedEx routes. I love it when he says that gumballs bought something because people just look at him weird. Actually gumballs bought this laptop that I am typing on. HEHE!

So anyways I just wanted you all, my blog friends to know how lucky I am to have met the most giving, loving, sacrificing, God loving man on this earth. And on February 17TH he will be 32 years young and deserves a big cake for all the giving he does throughout the year.

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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edie said...

Very sweet story Molly. You guys are blessed to have each other.