Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My new motto

Hey y'all my family's new motto for me is "when you come into town...". HAHA yes, I live about 45 minutes from them now and that's what they say, they even have Mike saying it, HEHE. I feel like that old lady in the shoe with all those kids except I have no kids but 2 dogs and a bunch of sewing and gumball machines to keep me happy. OK just thought I'd share that funny with y'all. Have a great evening and I am still going to share the new creations tonight.

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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The Cupcake Goddess said...

Hi Molly,

Thanks so much for leaving me a comment on my blog. You have a great question, so great that I'm going to do a blog post on it. I will get it up very soon. I'll give you the low down on how I did the ruffle for my jacket and some different types of ruffles you might find fun to incorporate into your projects. Thanks for the question, this gives me a great starting point.