Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nancy Drew swap

Holy gees I just entered a Nancy Drew swap!!! Hopefully I will get the book I want but if not I still love all her other books. I picked The Secret of the wooden lady, I know it is the best book. If anybody else wants to join, just head over to and sign up. If you love mystery books you won't be disappointed.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly


mysteryhistorymom said...

So glad to have you join, Sweetie! The Wooden Lady is yours! Please e-mail me your mailing address, e-mail address, blog name and a list of favorite things (to help your partner). Yippee! We are going to have FUN! Lori

The word verification is "deadd". Ominous!

Amanda from Seattle said...

I am currently putting together an Altered Book using The Secret of the Wooden Lady. It has been alot of fun using all kinds of Nautical ephemera.

-Amanda from Seattle