Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reflection of Me

Hi friends!! I am participating in Angie's challenge,"If you could pick one picture that symbolizes who you are what would it be?" Her story and picture were beautiful and breath taking. Please visit her blog to read and view her beautiful family and her awesome creations.
So as most of you can tell by just looking at my blog I love my brother and sister very much. Most people think they are my own kids, heck I even think that, HEHE. It all started when my mom became a foster parent and we housed over 100 children. I fell in love with all of them and cried every time they got placed back with their unworthy parents. My mom had just bought her beauty shop and was tired of chasing teenage mom's down, so she decided to stop fostering. We hadn't been out of the loop for too long when one rainy night (Ronald loves this story) we got a phone call stating that a baby boy had been left alone for 2 days and needed a place to stay until they found a permenant home. So a small little man delivered Ronald to the beauty shop and we fell totally absolutley in love. Ronald became the beauty shop baby and took a many of a bath in the shampoo bowls. We had him a year when his mother's rights were going to be terminated and we were going to adopt him, when she told us that she had a surprise for us. So we met her at social services and she was full blown 9 months pregnant. Elizabeth was born 2 weeks later and was teenie that we nick named her little bit. She actually wore preemie clothes and drank from a preemie bottle. We officially adopted them in October of 1997 and had a party to celebrate.
These two children have been my life for 13 years. I often joke and say that I was a "teenage mom" because I did help my mom raise them. When I read Angie's post and was trying to think of something that symbolized "who" I was, I could only think of Ronald and Elizabeth. Everything I do I do for them, they have made Me who I am today. When I got married almost 4 years ago I literally cried for weeks because I missed them so much, even though I lived 5 minutes down the street. Ronald has taught me to be more loving and open. He has the biggest heart of any child I know. Elizabeth showed me that it is OK to be different and that you can still be a child at any age. Most people think I'm probably "weird" for the love that I have for these children but I don't care. I can honestly say that I have a genuine mother's love for them, even though I didn't physically birth them. I can't imagine a day without them because a day without them means a day without Me.
So there you have it, Ronald and Elizabeth are "who" I am and I wouldn't change it for anything.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly


Angie Seaman said...

Oh've destroyed my mascara for the day. Ha ha! Thank you so much for participating in this fun picture post. What an incredible story. You are obviously an incredible sister to both of these kiddo's. They are so blessed to have you. God is good, isn't he? What a praise to have been given the gift of the both of them all those years ago. WOW! I'm a weaping mess after reading this. Hugs to you girl! Thanks for being such a great blog buddy!
Blessings, Angie

Taylor Luv said...

It is tough love but It is definitely REAL LOVE, it is so amazing how you can have the capability to love a total stranger like they are your own blood... I love that feeling of being able to do that, God is Love and God is Great!! Your story was inspiring and I love hearing stories like that. They are definitely worth every bit of love you have to give and glad they have helped you thru some tough parts and were able to make you who you are today!!

You should make them a new auntie and uncle soon... LOL

I will see if I can find some computer time tonite and find my "ME" PIC and update my blog... because tomorrow is our big day... our family becomes 6 persons again!!

Taylor Luv