Friday, May 1, 2009

Seaside,reunion and our new building

This picture was taken last summer in Wilmington after we had gotten some ice cream to snack on. As you can see that Elizabeth is wearing a boot, she fractured a bone on the top of her foot doing cartwheels in the living room, HE HE. Anyways I found this picture while loading the others and thought I'd share.
Here are some pictures of the reunion we went to this past weekend. Ronald and Elizabeth were "acting" on the old train caboose and wanted me to snap some photo's.

This morning I found this lone flower in my backyard, I think it's an Iris but not sure. If you look hard you can see many little lone things just growing out in the woods of my yard.

And here is out new building!! Here is the inside, I am going to make Mike a curtain, so I am on the hunt for some cute gumballs or gumball machine fabric for him.

I love the loft area, Mike is going to get my dad to help him wire it in the next couple of weeks. He is also going to put a window unit in there so when we are out there working we're sweating like crazy.

Here is a side view of the building. I love it so much I think I might get one for me to have for all my crafts and stuff.

Here is the front view, it even came with keys so we could lock up, although I don't think we'll have a problem seeming as though we live in the woods and down a long gravel path.

We will be saving about $1800 this year just by buying this little building. We are trying to save, save,save so we can buy a little house at the beach. We are working on getting some pier locations down at the beach and by giving up our almost $200 a month storage unit (although I will miss it, it was climate controlled, was gated with a security code, had cameras and a live on site manager I felt safe when people came by to purchase equipment we sold) we will be able to buy more equipment for those locations.
Tomorrow is Elizabeth's production of Aladdin at the Carolina theater, I can't wait to see her in her costume. She will be taking point classes this summer, where she will get to wear the pointed ballerina shoes and the stick out straight tutu. She loves dance and is such a graceful dancer, she will go far. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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