Monday, May 4, 2009

City chick meets Farmer Chick

Five years ago I met Mike, a southern boy from the country or shall I say Johnston County where there is a ton of farming and my family is from there so I am not totally out of the woods of being sort of a farmer chick. At the time I was a "city" girl, I got my nails done, had a new outfit every week, didn't eat organic foods, never thought I would work "outside" or in that matter be so excited about building a chicken coop and wanting to raise chickens and sell eggs. Now we know by no means that we are going to get rich, we really just want to do it because we know it will be fun, Mike's going to paint the chicken coop Pink for me and this will give us a little bit of pocket change to carry around. Although Mike saw a miniature donkey for sale and wants to buy it, HA HA we'll see. We have done our research and plan on buying Americana's and Brahma's, the Americana's lay pink, blue and green eggs, how cute.
In the past five years I have done a 360 of who I am. I never thought in a million years I would learn how to drive a FedEx truck, deliver packages, work in the "elements" as I say (rain,snow,hotness), have amusement business and now want and be so excited about building a chicken coop. If you knew me before five years ago, you probably wouldn't know me now. I no longer have acrylic nails, my hair isn't fixed everyday and I could totally care less of what people think of me. Some would say I have let myself "go" but I don't think so. I think Mike has brought out a side of me that I didn't know I had. And I thank him for the life he has built for us everyday.
Now this coming up weekend we are going to buy our supplies, so I will defiantly be taking pictures of the whole process. I can't wait for him to paint the chicken coop pink, I mean it is going to have nothing but hens in it so that is the perfect color. I have already been picking out names for them, I like Georgia, Sassy, Millie, Sissy, Lilly, and Prissy. I have been told we are purchasing 6 but there was talk of 8 last night and a miniature donkey so we'll see what happens, I might just have to pick more names :)
Have a great day!!!
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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