Friday, June 5, 2009

Mountain Memories

Pink, yes that was my granny's favorite color. She also liked Patsy Cline and Micheal Jackson, especially his song Thriller, she was cultured:) One hot summer we all went to the mountains, me, my granny, grandaddy, mom and lil sis. After we had packed out my mom's Pulsar, that car was so little I can't believe we all fit, we popped in a Patsy Cline tape and went on our journey. When we arrived in the Great Smoky Mountains of NC we stayed at this quaint little inn that had toothpicks in the nightstands that smelled like cinnamon, sorry I relate everything to food and of course those bibles that every hotel and motel have. Me and my granny shared a room and it was lovely, we slept together and snuggled. I remember this trip fondly because one it was freezing when we got there so we had to head over to the Belk's and buy some warmer clothes and second this was the summer before my granny passed of breast cancer. Each day we did something special like jewel mining, Tweetsie Railroad and getting our picture taken on the cliff of the mountain where the wind blew so hard my baby sister almost got blown off, no joke. My grandaddy was loving this little restaurant that served eggs, he loved him some breakfast food. On the way home we listened to that same Patsy Cline tape and sung along with her, although she sounds way better than me of course. I heard her song " I go walking after midnight" last week on the radio and it reminded me of this trip and my last vacation with my beloved granny.

Until I blog again ~Gal Molly


Anonymous said...

Hey chick! I guess I should of put the number of items lol its 4 items plus 1 homemade items!! hope to see ya join in on the fun!! hugs


Angie Seaman said...

Hey Molly. Cute picture. I swear I've seen that somewhere before. Love it!

Also, yes...that link to the Jackson center is still open for 2 more weeks. Feel free to make your donation there via the link on my blog. I can't thank you enough for participating. I know they will be thrilled to get another donation in. In total, over $22,000 has been raised for the Jackson Center and that walk. Amazing, eh? (not all from us but in total all together with everyone who participated)

Let me know should you have any other questions. We really can't thank you enough for doing this. Big hugs girl!