Thursday, June 4, 2009

My love of short hair

This is my current "do", which I love but I think I need it a little more funky for the summer.
Had this same cut two summers ago and loved it. I am thinking this is where I will be headed in the next week!!!

Love, love, love this cut because it was longer on one side and I could make it look funky. Although I did get some woman that asked if it was supposed to look like that and I in turn said yes and to stop hating, HA HA!!

I really like the way this hairstyle is slightly angled and her"bump" is messy in the back.

Yes you read the title correctly I LOVE short hair, always have. I can't remember when I have ever had my hair long, oh wait my wedding and I really wanted to cut it off but my mother insisted that I have a famous southern up do for my wedding. I am in need of a highlight and cut soon so I will be needing to find a new "do". I change my hair style about every four to six weeks depending on my mood, I always keep it short though. Now that it is summer I think I need to go shorter and stack out my "bump" as I call it and get a little blonder. Luckily I married a man that LOVES short hair and doesn't complain about me changing every month to a new "do".

I have found a few new hairstyles that I love and actually I have had one of them before. You all remember when Victoria Beckham had the new angled "do", well I had to have it only to remember when I was in 8TH grade I had my mom cut my hair like before and dye it red. Oh yes I was the talk of the middle school because no one and I mean one ever had as many"do's" as me.Oh where was I, yes back to the Victoria "do", I loved it and got so many compliments on it. Then came the more longer on the sides angled bob and so I let it grow out a bit and loved it as well.
The pictures above of are past,present and future "do's" I love and will probably don sometime in the very near future.So be on the look out for a new "do" within the next week posted here on the blog.
Until I blog again ~Gal Molly
P to the S. Which one do you all like the best? You can't hurt my feelings because in all true reality I will pick the one I love :)

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Michele said...

Love the do!!! I'm caught in the middle...I love long hair so that I can put it up..but love how easy short hair is!!!