Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our favorite places

One of me and Mikes favorite things to do is go on the Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington. If you live within a couple of hours of Wilmington ,NC I highly recommend it. Mike has become friends with one of the guides of the walk and I think its funny that they both have the same name. Every year we go they talk for about 30 minutes before and after the walk. Anyways back to the walk, they take you on a 90 minute walk through downtown Wilmington and tell stories of documented haunting's. It is not scary by no means so kids can go on the walk as well. You can see beautiful houses and churches and learn some history of the town. We have been every walk (there's about 30) and even if we hear a repeat story it is never the same as we heard it before. Someone might have had a sighting, seen a few orbs in pictures they took or an owner of the property might have had a new encounter. This beats anything we have done while at the beach and we have made some awesome friends. Mike always jokes that when we move to the beach he wants to become a Ghost Walk guide and honestly he probably will someday :)
Another past time we love is to go to flea markets and rummage through old stuff. Mike is always on the hunt for vintage gumball machines to use on our routes. I always am looking for unique jewelry, little tables, scarves, dishes or anything that catches my eye. There is one antique mall we favorite a lot in Raleigh, NC. They have a lot of vendors and one in particular sells vintage beads. I have bought a few bags of them from her and have made some unique pieces that will be hitting my shop within the week.
And last but not least we love to go to Barnes & Noble and just browse books. We can stay in there for hours just looking up different things and reading about them. Mike likes all the books about history, building things and gumball machines. I love the craft section and the Nancy Drew books. I just sent off my Nancy Drew swap package Monday so I Trish likes it.
I have some fun things hitting the blog and shop by weeks end. So please check back today, tomorrow and Friday for some awesome announcements.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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grammatrish said...

hey MOlly,

I LOVE my nancy drew swap goodies. you did a great job, now I feel really guilty! I'm almost done with yours and will mail it by Saturday morning. I hope it will be worth the wait...