Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Flea Market day 3.. Bohemian Bliss

Bohemian Bliss Bracelets!! I love, love, love these!! They were too fun to make and they sold like hot cakes this summer. Each bracelet has multiple layers of beads woven through a silver bracket. They each measure 7 inches long and have a 3 inch extender, making the total length 10 inches.
Here is the green bracelet with multiple strands of different colors of green throughout. I love all the textures in these bracelets.

My favorite is this orange and red bracelet. Again multiple layers of different colors of red and orange throughout the strands.

My baby sisters favorite was this purple and periwinkle bracelet. All these bracelets scream Bohemian style to me. You can wear these gems all year round! Again I love all the textures throughout each bracelet, with all the different type beads I used. These Fancie's are priced just right at only $4 and can be shipped to you for $3. Please comment me or email me at: for payment options and for your shipping destination!
Until I blog again ~Gal Molly

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