Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lopossay, you haven't heard of us?

Evening friends! I have a funny story to tell about my maiden name, Lopossay. You haven't heard that name before, well of course not because we are the only Lopossay's in the state of NC, yes WOW! Here is a list of how we Lopossay's roll:

1. we love us some sweet tea and by that I mean use about a quart of sugar to sweeten it

2. we have a temper like nobodies business

3. we hold grudges (that's why I am trying to organize a family reunion since the Lopossay's haven't spoken or broke bread together since the early '90's, we need a miracle I tell ya!)

4. we all have flat heiny's and round middles

5. there are 9 brothers and sisters on my dad's side that need to be reunited

6. maw maw supposedly changed our last from Lopez to Lopossay, but nobody knows for sure

7. we are a hard working middle class family

8. yes we all have some form of Cherokee look to us, my daddy tells me his daddy was a full blooded Cherokee Indian

9. we love us some church and good eating

10. yes we have family drama, but who doesn't

My mom has told me that my maw maw changed my dad's last name but she doesn't know the source of where this information came from. If I am a Lopez, am I in some way related to J Lo? Probably not! If I am a Lopossay am I part Cherokee Indian? The only way I can tell is by looking at old pictures of my daddy with his daddy and yes he is Indian. And my daddy says 'that ain't true', ha ha.

I have been wondering how to organize a reunion for the Lopossay clan, but I need to figure out how to get everyone together. You see none of my daddy's family has spoken to each other since the early '90's since maw maw died. I am trying to figure out a way that I can trick them to coming to my house or some kind of park or somewhere to meet. Because I know if I send out invites for a reunion no one will show.

So I am asking you my dear sweet blog friends, how would you do it or come up with an idea on how to get my daddy's family back reunited? I think I might need a miracle :)

Until I ramble again ~ Gal Molly

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