Friday, February 5, 2010

Faithful Friday

You see these tracks, they were made by Ella. My faithful friend! She made these this morning after we had a small snow shower which turned into rain thank God!

I suffer from panic attacks and when I saw these tracks this morning I was instantly calmed. I knew that my praying this morning would help me and I went outside for some fresh air. When I saw these beautiful tracks made by my Ella I kneeled down to hug her.

She is always there quacking and carrying on as if she hasn't a care in the world. She always makes me laugh and sometimes chases me if I am late with her lunch, consisting of bread crumbs (silly *goose*).

My little faithful Ella. I love her and I know she loves me. Thank you Ella and God for making those tracks when I so needed them :) You always know when God is with you when you see another set of *tracks*.
Until I ramble again ~ Gal Molly

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