Tuesday, June 15, 2010

5th and 8th grade graduation!

My baby Ronald after his 8th grade graduation! I cried! I could still see *baby* in his face when he was sitting with his graduating class. Oh how time flys!
Ronald with his best friend Adam, they sure are handsome young men! Gosh I love my shuggy!!!

My sweetie Elizabeth after her 5th grade graduation! I cried at hers too, I was so emotional that day! My babies are growing up too fast!

Elizabeth's wall art! She got an award from her art teacher for being the most creative artist. She is so creative and smart!

Mama and Elizabeth after the ceremony, shes as tall as us!

Here is the baby looking back at me! I can still see *baby* in her face too!
This summer we plan on spending a lot of time together, going to get Loco Pops, Scrap Exchange, craft store, hanging out at my farm and Elizabeth has requested some sleepovers! Oh to be little again! I will savor this summer, because in the fall high school and middle school will settle in and being little will be gone!
~Gal Molly

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