Monday, July 19, 2010

Vintage Clutch Swap Update!

Happy Monday Morning Ladies! I hope everyone had a well rested weekend and a fun one too! We relished our last couple of days of our *stay cation* by renting movies and vegging out and church. Bible school finished on Friday and I cried all through the songs the children sang, they were so beautiful! I also cried because I knew in my heart I would probably never see these precious children again. Either they had *home* churches or some they just came because their parent thought it fitting for them to be there. On Sunday we did have three siblings to return and I was so happy, but then they left right after Sunday school and I couldn't get to them before they left and I was saddened. Hopefully they will be back Wednesday night, if not I am going to phone them and invite them back. One of the brothers out of the three siblings kept calling me Polly and I didn't have the heart to tell him my name was Molly, I thought it was quite cute. Then we had our normal NC weather where one minute it was sunny and the next it was raining in sheets and lighting and wind howling and me going in panic because I hate storms and Mike trying to calm me down by being funny.
OK now for the swap update because I know my life can be quite boring and that's the title of my post and all the ladies that have graciously joined my swap want to know the FYI! OK, so now the swap is closed, well it closed on Friday, ha! We have eight swappers including me and I can't wait to start hunting down my clutch and all the requested treasures to go in it! And also if you have not received an email from me please get in touch with me ASAP! I have had quite the trouble sending off two emails last night and this morning, so with fingers crossed and a few said prayers I hope they went through this morning!
I hope you ladies enjoy this swap!! Off to take photos of my new jewelry to display for you :)
~Gal Molly


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for this swap. I am off to buy some of the items I want to put in the clutch...I got 10 40% off coupons for Joanns today in the mail...yeah1!!!!

myladyabercrombie said...

I found some amazingly cool things for your clutch today!!! I know you said sewing kit...but there just might HAVE TO be a few extras thrown in. OOOOOOOOOHHH!!!! I'm so excited. I've been pretty busy getting it together, so I will probably ship out Monday or Tuesday. I just love putting packages together!

Pam said...

I've heard from my partner and I'm looking for "Fun and Funky" things to put in my vintage bag. Found a pattern for a funky pin cushion. Plan to work on it tomorrow.